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Conny Update as of April 2023

Thank you to all of you who donated to the Save Conny fund. As you can see, we are far from our goal. The original plan was to move the entire whale – a 20-ton ferro-cement life-size model of a sperm whale. After much work and consideration, we have determined that we will be unable to continue with  the original plan.


So, we got creative! We will save the spirit of Conny! By removing the tail and installing it in a park, Conny will live on to freely swim and explore the oceans.


Pending approval of permits, we will install the tail in Greenway Park in West Hartford, across the street from its current location. Continental Properties, the new owners of the former Children’s Museum property, will cover all costs to remove and transport Conny’s tail to the West Hartford Public Works storage where it will remain until the permits are approved. 


We also have a full 3D digital scan of Conny, and will use this to create an educational app that will “reveal” the rest of Conny under the surface.


You can be assured that your donations will continue to go toward preserving Conny, including the application, installation and ongoing maintenance for his new home.  We all hoped to move the full whale but this is a great plan B to keep the spirit of Conny alive. If this new plan, which is a more feasible approach, is not aligned with your wishes, you can ask for your donation to be returned.


We will continue our fundraising effort, because we will need additional funds for the new plan. We have updated our GOFUNDME page with this new plan.

Again, We are so very grateful to all of you that have donated to our efforts to save Conny.

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