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Adopt a Whale


******BREAKING NEWS******


Salt was sighted on March 21, 2021.


 The whale sighting of the year took place on March 21, 2021 on a trip with the Boston Aquarium.  Gerald Mercier photographed the most sighted and most loved whale in the world, Salt.  This great-grandmother, first sighted in 1976 was in the company of a much smaller whale, probably a humpback born last spring.


Salt was the first humpback whale given a name whose family tree includes more than thirty-three named individuals.  She is the most popular whale in the CSI Whale Adoption program and her DVD is an emotional journey into her salt-water home.



CSI's whale adoption program is like no other! 


You don't just get an image of your adopted whale; you actually get to meet your whale on a special custom DVD.


Each DVD averages 32 minutes in length and you get to choose from 11 distinct whales with names. Each of the eleven distinct DVDs highlights your adopted whale.


Footage may include one or more members of its family tree, special or rare behaviors and the sights and sounds of being on the water with the whale you select.


You will be able to witness your favorite whale approaching and showing interest in whale watch boats, feeding, breaching, etc.


And best of all your whale adoption supports the research and conservation efforts of CSI. So you and generations to come can continue to  experience these wonderful unique marine mammals in their natural environment.


Watch a short video of Bandit!



Standard Adoption includes:

  • DVD of Your Adopted Whale

  • Lifetime Adoption

  • Personalized Adoption Certificate

  • Online sightings update of 50 named humpback whales

  • Online bio and family trees of 50 named humpback whales


Price is $40.00 US plus shipping



Supporting Adoption includes:

  • All of the above

  • One Year Family Membership in Cetacean Society International

Price is $75.00 US plus shipping

 Click here for more info and to adopt a whale!


CSI's whale adoption program is administered by Dan Knaub of CSI and the Whale Video Company. You will be redirected to the Whale Video Company's website.


Dear CSI,

This year for Christmas I purchased three whale adoptions for my three children and their spouses.  They are all thrilled with their gift, their DVDs and their whales. The “kids,” as a result of their adoptions, say they now feel closer to whales and even more responsible for the health of the oceans.  So a belated Merry Christmas to you and many thanks for your whale support, the opportunity to share your work with my loved ones, and for the gift you sent.   


-Susan H.

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