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CSI's Anti-Captivity Flyer

Posted on 12 November 2015

CSI's 1997 anti-captivity flyer is still relevant today, even with outdated statistics. Its message is even more powerful than today's headlines in major media, as reflected by Wall Street, SeaWorld's increasing panic, and the public's realization that their tickets support the exploitation of the captives. Read it here:

Don't Be Held Captive To Any Illusions: CSI's anti-captivity flyer

Taiji Dolphin Slaughters Continue

Posted on 13 October to 4 November 2015

Marna Olsen
Marna at Taiji train station

The dolphin and whale slaughters at Taiji, Japan are underway. CSI is represented at the infamous killing Cove by Marna Olsen and Hans Peter Roth, two expert international activists joining Ric O'Barry's Cove Monitors. Marna's blogs to CSI from Taiji for the weeks that she was there are posted here.

We are all searching for ways to end the slaughter. Because some dolphins are selected for captive display, and their sales provide the profit that is the major motivation for Taiji's dolphin drives, CSI specifically fights the trade of captive dolphins. We welcome your ideas and help to end the Cove's horrors.

Bill Rossiter
CSI Director

Marna Olsen's blog post 1, 13 October 2015: Heading to Taiji with Mixed Feelings

Marna Olsen's blog post 2, 15 October 2015: Feeling Like a Stranger, Yet at Ease

Marna Olsen's blog post 3, 19 October 2015: No Mercy for Dolphins

Marna Olsen's blog post 4, 24 October 2015: Those which are not counted

Marna Olsen's blog post 5, 28 October 2015: When good team spirit is needed most

Marna Olsen's blog post 6, 30 October 2015: First kill of striped dolphins this season

Marna Olsen's blog post 7, 4 November 2015: Reaching out

TEDx Talk Highlights Why SeaWorld Should Retire Shamu

Posted on 27 May 2015

AWI Scientist Dr. Naomi Rose Highlights How Captivity Destroys Orca Family Structure

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